Natural World

Dawn of the Modern World

Thursday 20 February, 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Suitability: 16 Yrs +

Life, Death and Rain in the late Triassic


In 1988 we stumbled across evidence for a major climate change event around 230 million years ago, seemingly linked to a mass extinction. The “Carnian Pluvial Event” as it is now known, has now been shown to have diversified many elements of modern ecosystems, from dinosaurs to dinoflagellates, and coccoliths to coral reefs. Without this, our modern world might be very different. Hear the story of its discovery from those that actually discovered it, and what the latest research might imply for current climate change. Presented by Mike Simms (NMNI) and Alastair Ruffell (QUB).
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Ulster Museum
Botanic Gardens


Queens Univeristy