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Patient Zero

Thursday 13 & Friday 14 February, 1:30 – 2:15pm

Suitability: Key Stage 2 & 3

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Patient Zero (the person with whom the infection began) is the central in an epidemiological investigation. Students must search for this Patient Zero to model how the deadly SERC VI VIRUS is spreading. Each student will be given a medicine cup of simulated body fluid, one cup will be infected with SERC VI VIRUS and with a managed transfer of simulated body fluids the disease will spread. Body fluids of all students will then be tested to determine infection rate. Infected students will be “quarantined” and Noninfected students will act as Epidemiologists, to determine the Patient Zero. The group will then model SERC VI VIRUS transmission.


SERC Bangor
Lisburn & Downpatrick