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Marvellous Microbes & Aseptic Techniques

Tuesday 11 & Friday 14 February, 10:00am - 12:30pm

Suitability: Key Stage 4

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Friend or foe - some microbes tend to have a bad name with food poisoning incidents and others can be a nuisance by spoiling our food. However, without the activities of microbes there would no bread, cheese, beer or chocolate!
With a focus on the GCSE Applied Science specification, spend some laboratory time with our Food Microbiologists growing your own microbes and perfecting your aseptic techniques. You’ll learn about autoclaving, inoculating & incubating and discover why food microbes are always on the menu!


CAFRE (College of Agriculture
Food & Rural Enterprise)
Loughry Campus
Co. Tyrone
BT80 9AA