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W5 Star Dome - Explore the Stars!

Monday 10 February - Friday 14 February, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Suitability: Key Stage 1 & 2

Book via our bookings team on 028 9046 7700.

W5’s Star Dome is a giant inflatable dome that pupils sit inside, look up and enjoy the show with top-notch video and sound technology. Inspire your pupils with an all-encompassing view of a journey through the stars with our immersive dome projection system. For key stage 1 or 2 pupils it is a 30-50-minute activity. The pupils are shown imagery of the International Space Station and Tim Peake’s mission into space or introduced to the incredible potential of the James Webb space telescope. They also have a full tour of the night sky and discover how to find constellations and the amazing stories behind them. This workshop can be offered as an outreach session in your school or during your visit to W5.


The Odyssey
2 Queens Quay
Belfast BT3 9QQ or In your school


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